What is Plumbify?

Plumbify is South Africa’s first and only plumbing quote compare service. Use Plumbify to request plumbing quotes online from plumbers near you. Our plumbing partners in your city will provide you with affordable plumbing quotes within minutes. Receive up to 3 plumbing quotes from plumbers in your city.

What makes plumbify different?

Plumbify is not just another plumbing directory website. We have simplified the process of obtaining plumbing quotes online from multiple plumbers in your city. Now with just two simple steps you could receive up to 3 quotes from plumbers in your city or area. Our plumbing directory is just an added bonus to our system so you can locate a specific plumber in your city. Use Plumbify to request plumbing quotes online or to locate a plumber in your city using our Plumbers Directory.

Do I have to pay to use your service?

Absolutely not! Plumbify is 100% free to use. Requesting quotes from plumbers in South Africa won’t cost you a cent!

How many plumbing quotes will I receive?

You will receive up to and no more than 3 quotes from plumbers in your city or area.

How soon can I expect quotes to be sent through?

We encourage our plumbing partners to respond to quote requests as soon as possible but unfortunately we can’t guarantee a specific time. To be safe we can say you will receive quotes within 48 hours, sometimes within minutes depending on our plumbing partners response and availability.

Do I have to choose or commit to a quote that I receive from Plumbify’s plumbing partners?

Not at all! You are not obligated to choose or go ahead with any plumbing quote that you receive from Plumbify.

Can I contact your plumbing partners directly for more info?

Yes you can! Plumbify simply connects you with plumbers in your city. You can communicate with each plumber directly from there on wards and get the plumbing job done!

How does Plumbify make money?

We charge our plumbing partners a monthly fee to be listed on Plumbify and to receive quote requests from us.

I am a plumber. Can I list my plumbing business on Plumbify?

Yes you can! List your plumbing business here.